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Match: Hooligan Bikers 1—0 Nex Proeliator

Nice weather. The Necros won the toss and chose to receive. The werewolf Maximus took the ball on a hand-off, and the Necros probed for a weakness in the Bikers' defense. Adversity left a gap in the Proeliator's line, which the Bikers exploited by sacking the Proelitor ball carrier. The Necros recov ... [more]

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Match: Flower Power 1—1 Naxxramas Dreadguards

The Necromantics won the toss and chose to kick off in nice weather. The Orc blitzer Daisy picked up the ball and got into a square. On the first turn of the half, the Dreadguards lost two zombies Badly Hurt and the wight Heigan KO'd. The square worked its way down to the goal, and then stalled for ... [more]

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Match: Screen Screams 1—2 The Unforgiven

Two dark rivals faced off in nice weather. The Unforgiven won the toss and chose to receive. The Unforgiven blitzer Stranger scored with 2 GFI's after a hand-off from the runner Will Munny on turn 3. The Screams witch elf, Barbara Steele, picked up the ball on the kick-off. Bela Lugosi picked up a B ... [more]

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Match: Acherus Bonegrinders 2—0 Outlaws

Nice weather. The dwarves won the toss, and chose to kick off. The ghoul Antoine picked the ball up. The Dwarf defense prevented the Undead from getting across the LOS until late in the half. Finally Antoine handed off to another ghoul Yazmina, who ran for the goal. The Outlaws had only one player w ... [more]

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Match: Nifflevar Runelords 2—1 Kemet

Kemet won the toss and chose to receive in nice weather. The Norse suffered early injuries, with three KO's and the werewolf Grendel receiving a near-fatal hit. He was saved by the expert ministrations of the Norse apothecary, and re-joined the game later. The ghoul Ra scored on turn 4 with one GFI ... [more]

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Match: Nifflevar Runelords 1—1 Kemet

The Norse won the toss and chose to kick off in Nice Weather. The Kemet ghoul Ra picked up the ball and crossed to the opposite side of the pitch, then crossed back, looking for an opening. Two Norse casualties made it possible to attempt a drive down the edge of the pitch. The Yhetee Yngvar blitzed ... [more]

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Match: Naxxramas Dreadguards 1—1 Hooligan Bikers

Nice weather. The Bikers won the toss and chose to kick off. The Bikers lined up in the center, leaving both wide zones open. The kick scattered off the pitch, and the Dreadguards gave the ball to the wight Heigan who drove down the right side protected by a sideline half cage. The Bikers closed in, ... [more]

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Regular Season Standings

The Field Marshals 55 1620 7 15 2 4 66 23
Serci Tarquendi 44 1970 19 8 10 5 42 46
A Few Good Men 38 2030 18 10 2 3 41 26
Blue Fianna 33 1860 18 6 5 5 28 22
The Phalanx 32 1770 33 7 5 3 20 18
Timber Terror 30 1760 15 6 8 2 35 33

Team in focus

General Info

Race:Wood Elf
Team value:1760k

Regular Season: Most Casualties

Name # Value
Graarrr!!! 13 200k
Scaeus 13 190k
Drum Ulsen 8 110k
Bullshot 8 200k
Marbas Maimer 7 170k

Regular Season: Most Touchdowns

Name # Value
von Manstein 19 160k
Pappy Boyington 15 180k
Hemlock 13 210k
Fitheal 12 160k
Chesty Puller 11 200k
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