The Painsphere feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Wed, 22 Nov 2017 15:15:45 -0500 OBBLM 0.9 $Rev: 699 $ Match: Hooligan Bikers (1) vs. Nex Proeliator (0) Nice weather. The Necros won the toss and chose to receive. The werewolf Maximus took the ball on a hand-off, and the Necros probed for a weakness in the Bikers' defense. Adversity left a gap in the Proeliator's line, which the Bikers exploited by sacking the Proelitor ball carrier. The Necros recovered the ball, but there were not enough turns left to score. The Bikers received in the second half. The ball landed next to the goal line. The two bull centaurs covered the ball while their team mates set up a defensive screen. The hobgoblin Lolita picked up the ball, and advanced behind a screen. The Bikers advanced down a wide zone, only to find the Necros closing in with superior strength. Casting caution to the winds, the bull centaur Ginger dodged, using Break Tackle, and pushed a pesky zombie out of the way. Lolita followed right behind him with a dodge, re-roll, two GFI's, and a touchdown. The Necros had three turns two score, but once again adversity wasted one turn, and they failed to score. 2015-10-06 22:06:12 Match: Flower Power (1) vs. Naxxramas Dreadguards (1) The Necromantics won the toss and chose to kick off in nice weather. The Orc blitzer Daisy picked up the ball and got into a square. On the first turn of the half, the Dreadguards lost two zombies Badly Hurt and the wight Heigan KO'd. The square worked its way down to the goal, and then stalled for two turns. The Necromantics were closing in, so Daisy wandered across the goal on turn 7. The Dreadguards could not score in their two turns remaining, and to compound their misfortune, the flesh golem Thaddius knocked himself down and was Badly Hurt while trying to bock a black orc. In the second half, the Dreadguards began with eight players on the pitch, and Flower Power had ten, because of injuries and the failure to recover KO'd players. The Orcs kicked off. The ball landed very close to the line of scrimmage and close to the edge of the pitch. The werewolf Kel'Thusad picked up the ball and blitzed his way through the Flower Power defense, but was still exposed to an Orc attack. The Orc blitzer Marigold knocked the ball loose. Despite the Orcs partially surrounding the ball, the ghoul Loatheb got the ball and ran behind the Dreadguards line. The Orcs put too many players out of position in trying to sack Loatheb, who skillfully ran for the goal. Only one Orc, the blitzer Daisy, had a chance to prevent the Dreadguards from scoring. She attempted to knock the ball loose with two blitzes, but succeeded only in pushing Loatheb across the goal. The Orcs received, but could not score in their three turns remaining, ending the game in a 1-1 tie. 2015-08-22 17:27:25 Match: Screen Screams (1) vs. The Unforgiven (2) Two dark rivals faced off in nice weather. The Unforgiven won the toss and chose to receive. The Unforgiven blitzer Stranger scored with 2 GFI's after a hand-off from the runner Will Munny on turn 3. The Screams witch elf, Barbara Steele, picked up the ball on the kick-off. Bela Lugosi picked up a Badly Hurt injury from the Unforgiven blitzer Blondie II. Steele scored on turn 7 with 2 GFI's, after interfering Unforgiven players were blocked out of the way. The Screams received for the second half. Having lost their journeyman Rutger Hauer because of a Serious Injury, they were down to 9 players. A partial revenge was obtained eventually when the Screams line elf Donald Pleasance Badly Hurt the Unforgiven line elf Jed Cooper. The Screams blitzer Christopher Lee picked the ball up and got down the pitch behind a screen. Then fortunes turned dark as he failed a dodge when trying to break out of a furball, and dropped the ball. The Unforgiven blitzer Stranger picked the ball up and ran to the other side of the pitch. The Screams witch elf Barbara attempted to sack Stranger with 2 dice against, but succeeded only in getting knocked down. The Screams line elf Peter Lorre pushed Will Munny into the crowd, where he was Badly Hurt by the crowd, which did nothing to reverse the Screams' fortune. Stranger easily walked across the goal on turn 7. 2015-08-12 20:13:03 Match: Acherus Bonegrinders (2) vs. Outlaws (0) Nice weather. The dwarves won the toss, and chose to kick off. The ghoul Antoine picked the ball up. The Dwarf defense prevented the Undead from getting across the LOS until late in the half. Finally Antoine handed off to another ghoul Yazmina, who ran for the goal. The Outlaws had only one player with a chance of stopping Yazmina. The dwarf blitzer Cole Younger blitzed the ghoul, but failed to knock the ball loose. Yazmina dodged and scored on turn 8. The dwarves received in the second half. The ball landed next to the goal. The runner Bob Younger picked the ball up, after the dwarves sent some players back to screen the ball. The Bonegrinders sent all four ghouls towards the ball. The Outlaws screened off the ghouls and attempted to open up a hole along a wide zone. This left Bob Younger with inadequate protection. The mummy Amal'thazad put on a surprising burst of speed (two GFIs), blitzed Younger and knocked the ball loose. The wight Koltira picked the ball up and ran for the goal. The best the dwarves could do was place a player next to the ball carrier, but to no avail. Koltira blitzed the dwarf away and scored on turn 5. The dwarves were too slow to score in the time remaining, ending in a 2-0 victory for the Bonegrinders. 2015-07-26 20:00:33 Match: Nifflevar Runelords (2) vs. Kemet (1) Kemet won the toss and chose to receive in nice weather. The Norse suffered early injuries, with three KO's and the werewolf Grendel receiving a near-fatal hit. He was saved by the expert ministrations of the Norse apothecary, and re-joined the game later. The ghoul Ra scored on turn 4 with one GFI after a drive down a wide zone. The Runelords recovered all of the KO'd players, so had a full roster for the kick-off. The agile Norse lineman Torsten scored on turn 8 after his mates punched a hole through the dazed undead defenses. The Norse received in the second half. Torsten picked up the ball and advanced behind a Norse screen. The ghoul Bast got through and knocked Torsten for a loop. After a fight over the ball, the Norse blitzer Hrolf caught the ball on a bounce, and scored on the Norse last turn for a 2-1 victory. 2015-03-21 00:17:15 Match: Nifflevar Runelords (1) vs. Kemet (1) The Norse won the toss and chose to kick off in Nice Weather. The Kemet ghoul Ra picked up the ball and crossed to the opposite side of the pitch, then crossed back, looking for an opening. Two Norse casualties made it possible to attempt a drive down the edge of the pitch. The Yhetee Yngvar blitzed Ra, but failed to achieve a knockdown. Ra handed off to the ghoul Bast, who scored on turn 7. Upon receiving, the fans were provided a comic relief when the Norse blitzer Hrolf got a pass completion by throwing an accurate pass to the lineman Torsten, who dropped the ball, but then caught it on the bounce. Kemet kicked off for the second half. The Runelords had 10 players on the pitch, with one player KO'ed and another coming from the reserves. The lineman Torsten picked up the ball, but then lost it when blitzed by the werewolf Wepwaret. The Norse lineman Leif caught the bouncing ball and broke for the goal. The werewolf Annubis attempted to knock the ball loose, and only succeeded in stunning himself. Leif scored on turn 4. The ball landed deep on the Norse kick-off. As though to compensate, angry Kemet fans Threw a Rock and stunned the Norse werewolf Griselda. The werewolf Wepwaret picked up the ball and advanced. With time running out, he attempted a dodge across the line of scrimmage, stumbled and fell, preventing any chance of a Kemet victory. 2015-02-14 00:19:24 Match: Naxxramas Dreadguards (1) vs. Hooligan Bikers (1) Nice weather. The Bikers won the toss and chose to kick off. The Bikers lined up in the center, leaving both wide zones open. The kick scattered off the pitch, and the Dreadguards gave the ball to the wight Heigan who drove down the right side protected by a sideline half cage. The Bikers closed in, forcing the Dreadguards to retreat. Heigan broke through the dwarf defense, only to drop the ball when brought down by the hobgoblin biker babe Sheba. After a fight over the ball, Heigan blitzed his way free, picked the ball up and scored on turn 7. The Bikers had two turns to score. To have any chance, the ball carrier had to pick the ball up and make a long pass. The pass was inaccurate, and the ball bounced into necromantic territory, ending the Bikers' chance. In the second half, a High Kick delivered the ball to the hobgoblin biker babe, Lolita. She got across the line of scrimmage in the middle of a furball. Fearing the doom of the undead closing in, it was now or never. She broke free and scored with two go-for-its on turn 5. The Bikers kicked off. A zombie caught the ball on the line of scrimmage, retreated, and handed the ball to the ghoul Loatheb. The Dreadguards advanced towards the goal with the ball-carrier well-protected, but had to contend with a dwarf screen. Loatheb handed off to the wight Razuvious who broke out toward the goal, lengthening the distance from the slow dwarves with two go-for-its. Nevertheless, the dwarf Slugger successfully made two go-for-its, delivered a one-die block, and Badly Hurt the wight, ending the game in a 1-1 tie. The Bikers had also suffered a hobgoblin Badly Hurt. 2015-01-16 23:25:10 Match: Ratatouille (3) vs. THE JETS (2) Nice weather. The Ratatouille won the toss and chose to receive. A gutter runner picked up the ball and handed off to another gutter runner, who ran for the goal with a screen of two rats. The elves brushed the screen aside and sacked the ball-carrier. The line elf Meteor caught a pass and ran for the goal, scoring on turn 5. At this point, the Ratatouille had suffered three KO's, two injured, and another player crowd-pushed, leaving five rats on the pitch. One gutter runner recovered consciousness, and two rats in reserve gave the Ratatouille eight players on the pitch for their next offense attempt. The gutter runner Turnip caught a High Kick just behind the line of scrimmage. He handed off to gutter runner Radish, who ran for the goal. The elves surrounded Radish without knocking the ball loose. The rat blitzer Onion opened a hole, which allowed Radish to dodge and score. The Jets received, but didn't have time to score again in the first half, and settled for injuring another rat. The remaining two KO'd rats recovered consciousness, giving the Ratatouille nine players on the pitch. The rats kicked short for the second half, placing the ball at the edge of the pitch just behind the line of scrimmage. The elves rolled 1,1 on the attempt to pick up the ball, sending it off pitch. The ball was thrown to the rats. In a repeat of the last scoring drill, a gutter runner picked up the ball, handed off to gutter runner Turnip, who ran for the goal. The elves got into contact without delivering a block. The rats blitzed an elf away, leaving Turnip a path to dodge and score. The rats kicked off again, and the elf thrower Thunderchief scored on turn 5. The Jets had lost a player KO'd, so now had 10 players to the Ratatouille's 9. The elves kicked deep. A gutter runner picked up the ball, and handed off to Carrot, who ran for the goal. This time the elves delivered a blitz and knocked the ball loose. In a miraculous upset, Carrot got up, dodged onto the ball and picked it up in a tackle zone, dodged away, and scored, leaving the Jets with only one turn to score. 2015-01-06 22:49:57 Match: THE JETS (3) vs. Ratatouille (2) The Jets won the toss and chose to receive the kick-off in nice weather. A wardancer scored in two turns. The Skaven also scored quickly, leaving the Jets plenty of time to end the first half with a 2-1 lead. Both teams lost a player Badly Hurt. The Ratatouille lost two players KO'd, and recovered only one for the second half. Each team began the second half with 10 players. The rats received the ball and scored quickly. The elves had difficulty advancing after they received the kick-off, and then finally scored, leaving the Ratatouille with two turns to score after a Riot gave each team an extra turn. The rats couldn't penetrate the elf defense, with a final score of 3-2 in favor of the Jets. After additional injuries in the second half, the game ended with nine elves and eight rats on the pitch. 2014-12-31 07:52:56 Match: Hooligan Bikers (1) vs. Nex Proeliator (1) Nice weather. The Bikers won the toss and chose to kick off. The ball landed deep. The werewolf Caesar attempted to pick up the ball and failed on the first three turns, using up a re-roll each turn. A pick-up on the fourth turn was successful, after the bull centaur Ginger, who had a tackle zone on the ball, was blitzed away. Caesar ran the ball to five squares from the goal, and then lost it after getting blitzed by the hobgoblin Sheba. The ball went off-pitch, and was tossed in four squares from the edge. The bikers surrounded the ball with three players. In a miraculous comeback, Caesar got up, blitzed away one of the bikers, picked up the ball in two tackle zones, and dodged away, for a touch down on turn 8, fortunately all without a re-roll, which wasn't available. The Bikers received in the second half. The necros eventually ganged up on the minotaur and put him in the hospital. The Bikers got even when the bull centaur Blackie de-animated the flesh golem Verus, who regenerated. The Bikers opened up a corridor along a side zone, but the bull centaur Ginger, who had the ball, was too far back to take advantage of it before the Nex closed it down. Ginger retreated, and dropped the ball after a failed go-for-it. Ginger picked the ball up, but was blocked off by the necros in midfield. Ginger finally scored after a dodge and two go-for-its. Additional injuries were the zombie Rutuba nearly causing the death of the chaos dwarf blocker Looter, who was saved by the apothecary, and the KO'd wight, Secutor. 2014-12-19 22:43:23 Match: Bedlam (0) vs. Acherus Bonegrinders (0) The undead won the toss and received in nice weather. The undead attempted an advance down a wide zone, and was halted by chaos. The ghoul carrying the ball, Antoine, broke to the other side of the pitch, only to be sacked eventually by the chaos warrior Delirium. The ball bounced in favor of chaos, and the half ended with both sides guarding the ball. The undead kicked off for the second half. The chaos beastman Compulsion had been KO’d in the first half and failed to recover consciousness. A Quick Snap! allowed the beastman Phobia to move into position to catch the ball successfully. Bedlam opened up a fragile corridor down a wide zone, which was quickly made useless by the alert undead. Play shifted to the other side of the pitch as Bedlam attempted to fence off the Bonegrinder line. What followed was a chaotic shifting of fortunes and crazed play, no doubt a result of the nature of the meeting of an insane chaotic team and the walking dead. The mummy Amal’thazad knocked the ball loose from Phobia in a both-down block. A chaos warrior picked the ball up and was sacked by a wight. A fight over the ball placed it in a position to be picked up by a wight, who headed for a the goal line. The beastman Madness knocked the ball loose, and it went off pitch. The crowd threw it into the Bonegrinders back field. The beastman Depression picked up the ball, and then stumbled with a GFI. After contention over the ball, the game ended with no score by either side. The Bonegrinders lost a zombie with a Serious Injury, and Bedlam ended with a beastman Badly Hurt. 2014-11-01 21:51:14 Match: Hooligan Bikers (1) vs. Spanish Inquisition (0) The Inquisition won the toss and chose to receive on a day with nice weather. The Spanish orcs prepared for a drive down a wide zone, but ran into trouble when the bull centaur Blackie sprinted around the rear and sacked the orc thrower, Cardinal Ximenez. Despite the heavy hitting black orcs, the Inquisition was unable to penetrate the thick-headed dwarf blockers, ending the first half with no score. The Inquisition kicked the ball deep on the second half, putting it next to the goal line. The hobgoblin Lolita and her two hobgoblin biker babes moved back to cover the ball. In the meantime, the bull centaur Blackie penetrated an orc wide zone, backed up by two dwarf blockers, and later, by the bull centaur Ginger. The orcs developed a very un-orcish mobility and isolated the Hooligan threat. Lolita picked up the ball and moved forward with her sister babes’ questionable protection. The Inquisition swarmed towards the Biker ball-carrier. The Bikers faced the threat of an improbable chance of scoring or losing the ball, with an inevitable orc touchdown. The hobgoblins Sheba and Delilah blitzed an orc blitzer out of the way, giving Lolita a path for a hand-off to the bull centaur Ginger -- and abandoning any pretense of protecting the ball. With a GFI and a re-roll, the hand-off was successful. Ginger galloped for the goal, taking advantage of his fast sprinting. He stumbled at first, recovered with his sure feet, and lucked out on two more GFI’s. The nearest orc players could catch up with GFI’s, but he was too far away for a block. The orcs held back and awaited developments. On the next turn (turn 4), Ginger showed off with a few wheelies and then motored over the goal line. A Riot on the Biker’s kick-off stunned two of the Inquisition and one of the Hooligans. The orcs again had trouble penetrating the dwarf line, despite the dwarves being down to nine players because of two badly hurt hobgoblin babes. The orcs managed a short pass to a blitzer, but he was sacked on the next turn by the bull centaur Ginger, who happened to be close enough, and could use break tackle to disengage from his orc adversaries. On the orcs’ next-to-last turn, they were able to put two blitzer receivers within scoring range. This plan went down along with the two potential receivers on the Bikers’ last turn. This game was dominated by the fortune of the dice, which overwhelmingly favored the Bikers' chaos allegiance. [Historical note: The Biker motif for the Chaos Dwarf team comes from the figures used for the team. These are Neomics biker dwarves, Neomics Amazons for the hobgoblins (biker babes), and the Neomics motor trike for the bull centaurs. This team was formerly named Serengeti, after the Impact range of African plains animals.] 2014-10-31 00:34:20 Match: The Unforgiven (1) vs. Valmeyjar (0) The weather was nice for the first match between The Unforgiven and the Valmeyjar (Vikings to non-Norse speakers). The zons won the toss and chose to receive. An elf player was KO’d on the first turn, and then zon fortune turned to misfortune. The zons lost two seriously injured players (-AV and –AG) in the first half, as well as a KO'd zon. The zons could not penetrate the elf defense. The elves closed in on Siegrune, the zon blitzer carrying the ball, and knocked the ball loose. A dark elf player picked it and ran for the goal. The zon blitzer Helmwige blitzed the ball carrier with a dodge and a GFI, knocking the ball loose two spaces from the goal. The zons surrounded the ball, ending the first half with no score for either side. The zons kicked off in the second half after the KO’d players on both sides recovered consciousness. The zons drew a player from the bench, giving them 10 players on the pitch. The zons kept dakness at bay for most of the half. Finally, the elves broke away for an advance in a wide zone. Too many zons were out of position to seriously interfere. A zon blitz failed, and the elf blitzer Stranger scored on turn 7 with a hand-off. 2014-10-15 22:20:07 Match: Screen Screams (2) vs. The Unforgiven (1) The weather was nice for the second match between Dark Elf cousins. Both teams have struggled with casualties, and this contest continued the theme. The Screen Screams lived up to their namesake, slashing their way to victory, causing five casualties, including a death, by the end of the game. The Unforgiven caused three knock-outs, all of whom recovered. The Unforgiven received the ball, and drove along the side. A blitzer scored on a pass play with two GFI’s on the third turn. The Unforgiven kicked off after a Riot moved the clock back, giving the Screams seven turns to score. The ball landed in a corner behind the goal line. Barbara Steele, the new witch elf, and a Screams blitzer fell back to protect the ball. The Unforgiven penetrated Scream territory, with the pitch wide open. Steele picked up the ball, and the Screams advanced, needing to move 25 squares to score. Lon Chaney scored on a hand-off in five turns. In the second half, The Unforgiven kicked the ball next to the line of scrimmage. The Screams protected the ball as Barbara Steele moved forward and retrieved it. The Screams attempted a push down the side, but were stymied by an aggressive defense. Spotting an opening, the Screams moved into it and caged the ball. The Unforgiven broke broke through, three of them getting next to Steele, but the cage did its job in protecting Steele for one turn. The Screams blocked away Steele's antagonists, and she broke for a corner position near the goal, while her team mates screened off their Unforgiven cousins. Steele scored. The Screams kicked off with 10 players on the pitch, while The Unforgiven were down to 9, and had 4 turns to score. The ball landed midfield. An Unforgiven blitzer and their new witch elf, Josey Wales, penetrated the Screams defense, but were taken down, precluding a win by a running play in the time remaining. Not giving up, The Unforgiven sent another blitzer towards the goal, which the Screams ignored. In a surprise play, the Unforgiven runner, Will Munny, dodged through the Screams defense and attempted a long pass to their forlorn blitzer. This play would have been brilliant had it not ended in a fumble. The Screams picked the ball up and moved into Unforgiven territory. The game ended with nine Scream players on the pitch and seven Unforgiven. 2014-10-11 16:17:15 Match: Strahnbrad Hustlers (1) vs. Valmeyjar (1) Nice weather. The zons won the toss and chose to kick off. The rat thrower Momo picked up the ball and moved into a square with the four gutter runners on each corner. The Hustlers declined an invitation for an early score, going instead for the venerable 2:1 grind. The zons chased the Skaven square around on the pitch, with the zon blitzer Waltraute Badly Hurting rat lineman Moose. Momo scored on the Hustlers turn 6. When the rats kicked off, a zon fan helped her team's cause with an accurately thrown rock that KO'd Momo. The zon blitzer Helmwige picked up the ball, and the zons set up for a drive down their right side of the pitch. In an amazing play, Helmwige dodged, made a GFI, and handed off to the blitzer Siegrune, who crossed the goal line with two GFI’s on turn 7. Momo regained consciousness for the second half, and the Hustlers’ kick-off delivered the ball to a square next to the goal line. To the zons’ dismay, the rats produced a Blitz! A rat pack swarmed towards the ball. A few zons were able to get in front of the ball. Nevertheless, the gutter runner Molly dodged out of the zon protection squad, attempted to pick up the ball, and failed. The zon blitzer Helmwige, desperate for a winning TD, picked up the ball and got into a square. The rats now rampaged. The rat blitzer Scarface Badly Hurt the linezon Ortlinde, and the rat blitzer Bugsy put the zon catcher Grimgerde in the hospital. The zons advanced the square, but were stymied by the fast Hustlers. Helmwige retreated and attempted a hand-off to the catcher Hildegund, who dropped the ball. For the rest of the match the rats and valkyries kept the ball surrounded, guarding against the other team’s picking up the ball. The blitzer Helmwige took revenge for the earlier rat rampage by Seriously Injuring the gutter runner Lefty. Unfortunately for the Hustlers, the injury was disabling and the apothecary was ineffective (the reroll was the same as the original roll). Lefty will have to retire to a safe gutter. Another rat was KO’d. The game ended in a 1-1 tie, with each team having one player KO’d, and having suffered two injuries. 2014-09-20 03:17:49 Match: Bedlam (1) vs. Spanish Inquisition (0) Two newbie teams squared off for their first game. The game started with a blizzard, but changed to nice weather on kick-off. Bedlam won the toss and chose to receive. Chaos beastman Compulsion picked up the ball. His crazy team mates failed to protect him, and he lost the ball to an orc blitz. There was a fight over the ball. The ball bounced free of the furball in chaos' favor. The beastman Phobia picked it up and headed for the other side of the pitch. An orc attempted to mark Phobia, but tripped himself when going for it. This accident left Phobia free to run for the goal with two successful go-for-its. An orc lineman was close enough to get into contact with Phobia, but failed a go-for-it. Phobia scored the next turn with two more go-for-its. In the second half, the chaos beastman Lunacy recovered consciousness. Orc fans Threw a Rock and KO’d the beastman Delusion, followed by Lunacy again getting KO’ed on the first turn. Bedlam now had eight players on the pitch. The ball landed behind the goal line, causing the Inquisition to use up four turns to retrieve the ball and get it to the line of scrimmage by the slow thrower. By turn 5, the orcs had two players off the pitch, unconscious. Inquisition badly hurt the beastman Delusion, leaving Bedlam with seven players. A black orc blocker stumbled with a go-for-it in a crucial situation near the end of the half, leaving the orcs with no chance to score. Fortune favored chaos. Although the chaos team rolled double skulls three times, the situations were not critical. The orcs failed go-for-its five times, including two re-rolls, with disastrous results. Compare this to four successful go-for-its by Bedlam, which resulted in a touchdown. The deep kick in the second half was also a serious setback for the Inquisition. 2014-09-17 02:29:38 Match: Ratatouille (1) vs. The Unforgiven (1) The game was a comedy of fortune and misfortune for both sides. The weather was Very Sunny in the first half. The elves won the toss and chose to receive. Quick Snap! An elf blitzer was promptly KO’d. The gutter runner Parsnip knocked the ball loose from the elf runner Will Munny, making effective use of his new mutation, Horns. He picked up the ball, and ran for the goal with no support. He lost the ball on the next turn with a blitz by an elf. Will Munny picked it up, and made a short pass to a linelf, needing a 4+ because of the Very Sunny weather (plus a successful catch). The linelf ran the ball over the goal line with no interference from the rats. Ratatouille now had three turns to score. The ball landed next to the goal line, which meant the rats had to waste a turn getting the ball up the pitch. They had a chance to score, but the gutter runner Turnip rolled a 1,1 on a dodge, preventing the chance to equalize. In the 2nd half, the KO’d Unforgiven blitzer recovered consciousness, so both teams now had a full roster on the pitch. The weather changed to Nice. The gutter runner who had received the ball in a hand-off lost it with an elf blitz. The ball bounced into the hands of the rat blitzer Pepper, who scored with one GFI on turn 4. The dark elves now began to demolish the rat team. By the end of the half, the rat thrower was dead, three rats were KO’d, and one rat was in the reserves. There was a ruckus of fighting over the ball for the remainder of the half. Finally an elf blitzer, Stranger, failed a dodge and lost the ball. Four rats surrounded the ball on their last turn, ending the chance for an elf win. 2014-09-10 02:23:36 Match: Kemet (1) vs. Nex Proeliator (1) 1st half. Nice weather. Kemet won the toss and chose to kick off. The Nex failed to pick up the ball on the first turn, and lost a ghoul who was KO’d on the second turn. Kemet became over-eager and rushed the Nex ball-carrier, leaving a weak defense at the line of scrimmage. The Nex blitzed a path open, and the werewolf Maximus ran for the goal with two GFI’s. No Kemet player was close enough to interfere with Maximus’ scoring on turn 3. Kemet received the kick-off. Their werewolf Wepwaret picked up the ball and handed off to Annubis, who ran for the goal without adequate support. The Nex blitzed the ball loose, and it went into the crowd, who threw it to the line of scrimmage. A fight over the ball prevented either side from scoring. 2nd half. Kemet received the ball. Wepwaret picked up the ball, and then Kemet began tearing Nex undead flesh. The Nex lost the zombie Retuba on turn 2, and their star flesh golem Priscus on turn 3, both badly hurt. Kemet, now cautious after the over-exuberance of the first half, waited for an opportunity to advance the ball, which came after Nex had some bad luck with their players falling down. Wepwaret ran toward the goal after marking the most dangerous Nex players. Screened by three other Kemet stalwarts, Wepwaret took a breather on the goal line for a turn. With the Nex closing in, despite their being down two players, Wepwaret stepped over the goal line on turn 7. Nex had two turns to score, but their falling-down rot spoiled the possibility, ending the game with a 1-1 tie. 2014-09-03 02:45:12 Match: Screen Screams (1) vs. Naxxramas Dreadguards (1) 1st half. Nice weather. The necros won the toss and chose to kick off. The elves attempted an end run down a wide zone, but Kel'Thuzad moved quickly to cover the sideline. Razuvious attempted to move to his support but stumbled on a dodge and was knocked out. An elf blitz stunned the werewolf, clearing an open path for the Screams. The elves sent players through the gap to screen the blitzer Max Schreck, who was carrying the ball. Max scored on turn 4. Elf fans threw a rock on the kick-off to the necros, which KO’d a zombie. The elves rushed Loatheb who was carrying the ball, but poor positioning failed to close off an escape route. The ghoul dodged away and ran for the goal. The ball was blitzed loose, and Loatheb regained it. A swarm of elves prevented the ghoul from breaking loose for a score. The first half ended with two KO’d zombies and one Badly Hurt line elf, done in by the flesh golem Thaddius. 2nd half. One KO’d zombie recovered consciousness, giving the necros a 10-creature squad. The line elf Anthony Hopkins was Seriously Injured immediately by the zombie Bronjahm, leaving the elves with nine players. The elves rushed the necro ball carrier with too many players. Loatheb escaped and handed off to the wight Heigan, who scored on turn 4. The elves now had five turns to score, but could not penetrate the undead defense, ending the game in a 1-1 tie. 2014-09-02 01:36:05 Match: Screen Screams (2) vs. Bogpaddle Bounders (0) 1st half. Nice weather throughout game. The Screams won the toss and chose to kick off. Quick Snap! DE journeyman lineman Edward G. Robinson Seriously Injured on the first turn. The Slann formed a tight screen in the center of the pitch with all players except for two catchers that had been sent down the pitch. The Screams attacked the screen, got to the ball carrier, and knocked the ball loose. The Screams got possession of the ball, and then lost it. A Slann catcher almost scored but failed a GFI after the Bounders had already used a team re-roll. An elf blitzer picked up the ball, and handed off to the linelf Boris Karloff, who advanced towards the goal with two elves screening him. The Bounders managed to get two players in contact with Boris. Boris dodged away and went down field. The Slann had little chance of catching him after the elves laid the nearest Slann players on the ground. 2nd half. Both the Slann and the elves recovered a K0’d player. The Bounders kicked off. The elves moved to screen the ball. Christopher Lee, a blitzer, picked it up. The elves zigged to the right, and then to the left, resulting in a scoring drive down a wide zone. Too many Slann players were out of position to interfere effectively. Bela Lugosi scored on turn 5 in a hand-off play. The Screams kicked the ball to one row in front of the goal line. A High Kick changed the situation, allowing a Slann catcher to catch the ball. The Slann drove down the center and were within scoring distance, but lost the ball with a successful elf blitz. The Bounders had to settle for a pass completion after an intricate series of blocks. 2014-08-10 03:32:34